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Honors and Awards:

1.   National Clark Chapter Honor Society

2.   LAILO Awards in Business, Biology, Physics and Chemistry

3.   Pi Mu Epsilon National Honorary Mathematics Fraternity

4.   Woodrow Wilson Honor Studies

5.   T.H. Harris Scholarship

6.   F Freshman Scholastic Award

7.   Superior Cadet Award in ROTC

8.   G.E.’s Corning Award

9.   G.E.’s Management Award

10. G.E.’s Borch Award

11. Percy Julian Award (Physical Chemistry ‘82)

12. Phi Delta Kappa Recognition Award in Physics (‘89)

13. G.E.’s 100 Award

14. Fellow, American Institute of Chemists

15. NORCUS Visiting Professor (1990 - 1991), Battelle/DOE.

16. CASE Professor of the Year (2004)

17. Distinguished Retiree Award-LCTCS(2006)


Present and Former Scientific Society Memberships:

1. American Chemical Society

2. American Institute of Chemists

3. Sigma Xi



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21. Cont’d….@ Science and Technology .


22. Author of approximately 26 General Electric and Xerox Proprietary Reports.



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